The Source

It started with a game...

The Source

Because it starts with a game


The investigator Jason Corso is called to try to solve the case of a young computer developer, Henry Wachowsky, currently patient in a psychiatric hospital, after he suddenly murdered his wife, his three years old daughter and his two neighbors. Henry was working for a small game developer studio busy working on their new upcoming game.

Corso tried to speak with this guy and during the interview Henry have had some moment free of his deep brain-fog where he said something about an extremely dangerous computer game he was working about at the software company, the game of Satan, the game made to open the Hellgate.

Corso went to the restricted town where several of those mentioned facts happened, but here …

The outbreak of terror is commonplace now and the world has been overrun with monstrous and infernal creatures.

The Source FPS game by K Storm Studio first screenshots 10

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