The new game engine for Creative People is here!

... cause everyone has a story to tell !

K-Engine is a 2D and 3D game engine that allows you to currently create modern visual novels and adventure games with an advanced new approach. This game engine is fully extendable thanks to his plugins architecture. Further it doesn't requires any coding skills in the making games cause provides a fully visual approach for both designing and developing processes.

It starts with a dream!

Rachel and Kazuo have a dream in common: they love visual novels and they want to create their VN games, then sell them to the community and maybe start their office as a VN games creators.

But the reality is another one...

They bought and download the current tools to make adventure and graphic novel games, but soon, once started in using them, they face the lack of modern features and the frustration of the hard scripting. Their dreams to make their games are vanishing!

Until they discovered K-Engine!

One day Rachel and Kazuo came across K-Engine!
Soon they started in using it and they start loving the powerful features. They get back to work on their games, improving every aspect of them and BING...!

The Future is now changed!

It's now time to publish their new games and then start creating another one!
So now Rachel and Kazuo can really build as many games they want and maybe even thinking about their career in the graphic novel game industry!

You create, The Engine works!

All the game engine features at your fingertips.

K-Engine Easy modern Powerful visual game engine

Easy, Modern, Powerful

Sculpt your games through clicks, browsing, dragging and dropping resources directly in editor, manage projects just like using any other advanced game engines.

k-engine pluginset screenshot k storm studio

Extension plugin based

K-Engine is developed with a flexible basic engine core that can be extended by external extension plugins.

k-engine no coding at all are required

No coding at all

Develop advanced multiple simultaneous or sequenced action/events just using your mouse, no coding or scripting required in the making your games.

k-engine cinematic relatime fx for images and videos

Cinematic real-time fx

Dynamic real time Cinematic VFX that can be applied to images, videos and scenes at the same time for a very immersive experience to your gamers.

K-Engine fully support Microsoft DirectX12

Directx 12 and vulkan

Full support of DirectX 12, Vulkan render engine and the modern GPUs for a fluid and ultrafast graphic experience. K-Engine has been optimized for future advanced 3D upgrades.

K-Engine sound library system and audio mixer

Advanced sound system

Create your sound library with sound FX and music. Output every sound in the mixer and assign them to your desired action.

K-Engine content protection resource based

Content protection

Store your content with the .KRES proprietary format, add metadata such as name, date, copyright and additional info then pack your resources in one click.

K-Engine scene based project game engine

Scene based

Design your games using scenes. Browse and navigate through them with just a click.

K-Engine powerful visual editor

Powerful visual editor

You have full control of your project through the modern and powerful K-Engine 100% visual editor.


Multi Language

Easily write text and labels in multiple languages in the editor.

Download it now clicking the links below:

Extract the engine anywhere you want it and run it.

K-Engine will be available again with the new version soon! Stay tuned...

K-Engine Tutorial Series

Don't know how to start in using K-Engine? Try our video tutorials.

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