Do you dream your life making games?


Do you dream your life making games?

You love games both 2D and 3D and you would like to create your own. You started already in creating some, you’re so exited, you have amazing ideas and great stories to tell, but you have to face several problems like high fees to pay, luck of specific help and where to find the right customers.

KSS Marketplace Platform for Designers and Developers

At K Storm Studio we thought about KSS platform with the same questions in mind. That’s why we created a platform where each designer/developer can have his own store to seel his products and at the same time find out the resources he needs. At the same time we have a community where easily connect each other.

And once I have a game, how can I promote it and get fan-players?

Once you have created and published your game or asset, this it will be automatically visible in your store page and in the main storefront page for a specific time based on new contents, interests, impressions and other internal factors. The platform will also show your content to everyone will be interested in your product after search. In addition, we will do promotional campaigns where we will promote the best contents to our audience, on the web and on social media.

Remember, we are game publisher!

Your Products First

Both games and assets are often the result of an entire career and this is the same for a big company, small studio or a solo developer or designer! We provide a modern and impactful store page for each product of our marketplace.

You Own Your Store

You can easily set up and customize your own digital store and get all the rights tools to connect with your customers and grow your presence.

Build Your Fanbase

Build a long term and strong relationship with your customers is crucial for every business. We provide effective tools to connect with your customers in your store page and for each member’s account.

Safe transactions and payment system via Stripe

We have developed a robust multivendor platform using Wordpress and several additional tools like Woo Stripe to make every transactions safe for both vendors and customers.

Powerful Dashboard for both Members and Vendors

As soon as you create your KSS Marketplace account you will have both your member user dashboard and your vendor dashboard too. Your vendor dashboard provides tons of tools like stats, reports, withdrawals, products creations, store customization, customers relation,  store SEO, coupons creation and so on.

Setup your Store and start selling today!

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